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Spouse Education

Want to study, socialize and choose new areas of growth while here in Houston? Take a class at Houston Community College or at the NLP Training Center of Houston

Houston Community College

Houston Community College (HCC) offers a wide range of “Continuing Education” (CE) courses within a wide range of themes and at a low cost – Lots of expat spouses participate in these and it is a great opportunity to study and socialize at the same time.

There are both courses in daytime and at night and even online courses and they typically run over a 2-4 month period. There are both language and business courses and there is no requirements in regard to your professional background. HCC have campuses all over the city – but not all classes are run at all campuses.

You just complete the one-page enrollment form and bring it to the CE Office at the Spring Branch campus. Payment is at the cashier’s window. Or sign up online.   Students taking Placement Test in English may sign up on campus directly after testing (the test is free)

See more information on the different classes and contact details at HCC;

NLP Training Center of Houston

The NLP Training Center of Houston has a great history of interacting with the expat community and has a few very suitable classes for expat spouses with interest for self-development.

See more information on the different classes and contact details:

For more information, please contact Anna-Louise Plougmand, DACC at

Feel free to get in contact with us directly for any questions about the services! 

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